Our certification project

Eli Prosciutti considers safety as the first step to quality. For this reason we have decided to start an extensive process to update all informations that will give transparency in documenting our products’ history. The certifications, as BRC and IFS, acknowledged at the European level, confer safety and quality of our product providing transparency to the whole production cycle.

Eli Prosciutti aims to provide a qualified and certified product with the characteristics that determine this result in the way to create an added value important for both the consumer and the client, by offering a product different from that of competitors. The control of the production process is achieved, due to a proper and up-to-date data management and the direct agreements with carefully selected suppliers.


Authorisations and certifications

• BRC Certification – Global Standard for Food Safety Version 6 (Grade A)
• IFS Certification – International Food Standard Version 6 (Higher Level)